A drawing of a tall brown skinned woman with blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, and pitch black eyes. She is wearing a thick coat and holding a longswordSol | Mid to late 20s

Sol is the product of a pact made between a witch and the Earth Goddess (who is also the God of Death) and lived most of her life, from infancy to early adulthood, as a part of her mothers' coven. As a demi-god she had to live with expectations and responsibilities she didn't know how to fulfill, especially with no magic skill of her own to speak of. The coven eventually turned her loose once she reached adulthood, seeing her as a failed experiment, and Sol hasn't looked back, though her upbringing has left her distrusting of magic users.

She now wanders the land as a ranger, trying to help anyone who needs it, but not maintaining any deep relationships despite this. Though her wanderings have taken her far outside of any boundary she could imagine, and at the side of someone who needs her aid for a particularly daunting mission.

A drawing of a smaller woman with neck lenth black hair, dark brown skin, a light yellow eyes. She is clad in a purplish grey cloak and has her left hand raised to hip height and lightning is crackling from her fingers.Nyx | Mid to late 20s

Nyx is the last mage of her homeland, though she would like to change that. She inherited an old spell book from her grandmother that she is in the process of decoding, though it has been slow going. She is also being hunted by mage killing demons, and because of this she has a hard time finding help from fellow humans or towns and villages willing to take her in, for fear of themselves becoming casualties to demon fire

It was quite fortunate that Nyx bumped into a lone traveller who had no idea what was going on, but was willing to help her, and gets bound to her as a familiar. Now armed with her first ally, Nyx is prepared to bring magic back to her world and rid the Everfields of demons for good.